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Scroll through the testimonials below to see what my clients have to say.

Clients' reviews and identifying information were printed with each client's permission.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Leandra L., Montreal said:

I have been consulting with Alyssa for a year and half and have undoubtedly seen a lot of growth in myself which has been very gratifying, but she has also helped me open the door to self love and acceptance, something I have struggled with since I was very young. 


She has helped me navigate my journey into healing my inner child and has made me understand that many of my needs were not met, impacting me as an adult. She has given me different kinds of tools and exercises in order to help control, regulate and accept my emotions.


My personal relationships have also benefitted from my growth. 


As someone who finds it hard expressing or sharing what I’m feeling, I always feel like I am in a safe space with Alyssa. I feel heard and always better after a session. I feel lucky and grateful to have her as my therapist and coach. It has been one of the best decisions I made. I highly recommend her.

(August, 2021)

Leandra L., Montreal

Daniel B., Montreal said: 

Alyssa created a safe space where I felt comfortable being vulnerable. She showed me how to connect with my emotions and ultimately how to take care of them. I feel much less alone than when we started, she’s taught me the true meaning of self care and self love.

(July 2021)

Daniel B., Montreal

July 2021

Anthony L., Montreal, age 35 years said:

Working with Alyssa has changed my life. I felt I had a safe space to get the weight off my shoulders and Alyssa helped me dig deep and find the source of my emotions and outbursts. She also helped me find strategies that continue to help me manage my everyday stress. I'm forever grateful I decided to embark on this journey. Thank you. 

(August, 2021)

Anthony L., Montreal

Genevieve D., Montreal, age 30 years said: 

Alyssa welcomed me into an environment where I finally felt comfortable with my own thoughts and feelings, leading to a lot of exploration that was long overdue. I have always felt understood, never judged and I always look forward to our sessions. I have already gained a much better understanding of myself, my patterns and the sessions have greatly helped reduce my anxiety on a larger scale. I highly recommend her services.

 (July 2021)

Genevieve D., Montreal, age 30 years 

July 2021

Kelly H., Montreal, age 31 years said: 

Over the last number of months, Alyssa has helped me work through a stressful medical diagnosis, as well as my general longstanding anxiety issues (among many other things). I love that her sessions combine practical, actionable approaches to problem solving with mindfulness techniques and connecting with the inner self on a deeper, more complex level. I take something away from every session, whether it’s a breathing exercise, a new tactic for self-soothing or a concrete, reasonable to-do list. She is kind, non-judgemental, knowledgeable and empathetic - I love how she engages with me throughout the session as opposed to sitting back and passively “mhmm”-ing my experience, which I’ve encountered with other therapists. My experience with Alyssa has been incredibly rewarding and I’d recommend her services to anyone looking to connect with both their mind and body in a deeper, more meaningful way.

(July 2021)

Kelly H., Montreal, age 31 years

Chris H., Montreal said: 

Alyssa has helped me to grow significantly over the last year and a half. From protecting against recurring workplace burnout, to setting boundaries with my time and attention, to processing past trauma. She has designed and taught me a personalized mindfulness practice that actually works, after my past attempts at cookie-cutter approaches had failed. I'm thankful to have her as an objective and knowledgeable coach for navigating complex social dynamics and emotional barriers. She's the best!

(July 2021)

Chris H., Montreal

July 2021

Philippe W., Montreal, age 71 years said:

My name is Philippe W. (name removed); I am 71 years old and a client of Dr. Alyssa Herzig since October 2018. In 1978 I spent several months hospitalized after a severe psychotic episode. I was then treated for bipolar affective disorder until recently with medication and biannual visits to a psychiatrist. I managed to work as a science teacher for most of my life, and was able to raise a family with a loving wife. I experienced recurring intense short episodes of depression lasting 2-3 weeks during which I was mostly unable to function and often had to stay home. Those episodes  were frequent following my hospitalization; when they occurred I was given Prozac which had a dramatic effect after usually 3 weeks : back to normal from one day to the next; actually feeling quite high, making my wife (a doctor) think I was hypomanic.

The reason I started psychotherapy was primarily to see if I could learn to manage those recurrent depressive episodes; sometimes triggered by events, sometimes not. I could feel them coming, knew I was about to ‘’switch’’ but I was never able to do anything to prevent them but take Prozac and wait, knowing  subconsciously that hell would be over in a few weeks; and at the same time convinced that the real me was expressing itself : a worthless piece of shit. Once I came very close to ending my suffering for good.

The therapy with Alyssa did much more than I hoped.

During the very first session and for the very first time in 40 years I left her office with a feeling of hope there was something I could DO to improve my life. A year after the beginning of the sessions I had gained a lot of control on my episodes which occurred only twice this past year and lasted just a few days; I was able to use the tools I had learned in therapy and actually work on my thoughts and emotions. I eventually did not fear them anymore as I was more and more able to distance from them. Mindfulness meditation helped this part quite a lot.

I learned to accept my weaknesses and not be emotionally affected by them; I learned to be gentle with myself; I learned to stop trying to kick out the ’’black sheep’’ inside me and make him feel welcome (he’s in the process of turning grey now…); I learned to apprehend the world around me differently more in tune with my true values; I learned what love is…Feeling strong enough I eventually decided to stop the medication I had been taking for 40 years on a daily basis. I have not suffered an episode ever since; but then again time will tell.

This therapy made me realize that my problems were not due to a disease but by a bad programming in my early life. Among other things, understanding why I hated my parents so much allows me today to love them and thank them for what they were able to give me. How lonely my dad must have been. Through the sessions I came to understand what unconditional love really means; how important it is to accept every part of myself as well as the importance of compassion and kindness for others.

Words fail to describe how peaceful and happy I now feel, knowing and loving myself and others a little more every day. I wish I had benefited from psychotherapy earlier in my life.

Thank you Alyssa.

(February, 2021)

Philippe W., Montreal, age 71 years

February 2021

Julia Kim, Montreal said: 

I feel so lucky to have worked with Alyssa. From our first sessions together, I knew she was the right therapist for me from the way she took such a genuine interest in my story in such a warm and gentle demeanor, and all entirely through tele-practice, which is truly remarkable. She always struck a great balance between letting me lead the session with whatever came to my mind, and teaching me specific skills based on what she saw I needed most. Because of this balance, I always felt both safe and empowered. It was always easy to book or change appointments with her as she was always accommodating to my schedule, which varied throughout the year. 

Alyssa taught me how to better detect, label, and acknowledge my emotions as they arise and, most importantly, how to respond to them. For example, if I was feeling something difficult, like fear of losing someone I love, whereas before I would feel ashamed and reject what I felt, Alyssa helped me better understand where this emotion was coming from (e.g. past experiences) and equipped me with literal words to tell myself so as to meet myself with compassion. I have continued to practice these skills I learned from Alyssa, even after our sessions have ended, and they continue to be effective at strengthening and healing my relationship with myself and others. 

Thank you Alyssa for perhaps the most valuable skills and lessons that I need to become a better version of myself.

(July 2021)

Julia Kim, Montreal

Nick S., Montreal said:

I was struggling with various situations in my personal and professional life that involved abuse, gaslighting, feelings confusion and of neglect. 

Alyssa helped me through the resurfacing of trauma that I either didn't realize I had or didn't understand how it could be worked through.

She guided me through feeling and acknowledging myself as a whole. I can't thank her enough for the great work she continues to do.

(April, 2022)

Nick S., Montreal, April 2022

Jennifer Darton, Montreal said: 

Before I met Alyssa I’d been stumbling in the dark for so long it was starting to feel like home. 

I knew that there was something wrong but I wasn’t able to pick myself off the ground.  I’d gotten so comfortable being unhappy that it just seemed like there was no way out. 

I had tried a few therapists before but never truly felt seen or understood. I was never able to reach a level of comfort that allowed me to vocalize what really needed to be said out loud. 

My work with Alyssa completely changed my life. I was not only able to get back the spark that had been lost. I came out of therapy a happier, stronger version of myself.  I feel now confident in my ability to hold my boundaries, maintain healthy relationships and look after myself in a way I’ve never been able to before. I’m forever grateful for our time together. 

(July, 2021)

Jennifer Darton, Montreal

Maria K., Montreal, age 20 years said: 

Alyssa created a welcoming and comforting atmosphere straight from our first session. She helped me better understand and cope with overwhelming emotions and identify needs that I have not met, in a safe space. I felt like I was always understood and found myself thinking that I finally found someone who knows what I am going through. Alyssa is sweet, compassionate, and insightful. My time with her helped me immensely, and the best part is that I know I am welcomed back.

(July 2021)

Maria K., Montreal, age 20 years

July, 2021

M.K. said:

I am very grateful to have found Alyssa and to have her as an emotional coach. I have done some classical psychotherapy before (a little bit of CBT and psychodynamic) and was tired of the conventional ways. Alyssa’s approach is very soft and welcoming but yet quite powerful, her open mindedness and non-judgmental approach create a space which allows things to unfold very naturally and holistically. 

It is important to note that most of the work is done by you, the client, but Alyssa’s role as a guide and facilitator to growth is indispensable. She has helped me be aware of the many parts that reside inside of me and has also helped me with creating inner harmony on a daily basis. She also helped me with my father’s death, I cannot thank her enough for how this has made an immense positive impact on the grieving process. Thank you! 

M.K., Montreal, June 2022

F. F., Montreal said: 

Alyssa has a kind, compassionate approach to therapy while ensuring she wants the best out of her clients. Together, we've been able to work through some complex situations in my life and I'm grateful to have her as a therapist.

(June 2021)

F. F., Montreal,

June 2021

I.H., Montreal said:

I had trouble expressing my emotions to others in a functional way and trusting my partner. Alyssa helped me understand where my feelings were coming from and gave me some tools to manage and express myself in a way that facilitated communication and understanding. 

(September, 2021)

I.H., Montreal

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