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Testimonials: Testimonials

Jo Taylor (Australia) said: 

Working with Alyssa has been the most incredible gift to myself. 

Not only is every sessions with Alyssa groundbreaking and eye opening, she also provides the tools to connect with your emotions, understand what your needs are and know how to support yourself. These techniques are incredibly powerful and help by improving self awareness, mindfulness and developing a deep connection with yourself. Alyssa has helped me immensely with negative self talk, self doubt, lack of confidence and lack of connection with myself. As a result I’m happier, finding peace and learning to love myself, believing in myself more and more and improving my relationships with those around me. 

Alyssa is kind, caring, incredibly supportive and provides a very safe space to open up. I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone who wants to connect with themselves on a deeper level and improve all areas of their life as a result. 

Thanks you Alyssa, the work you do is incredible and I feel very fortunate to work with you. 

(February 2023)

Tim Ulmer (Montreal) said:

Working with Alyssa the past year has been an incredible life changing experience. Her empathetic, nonjudgmental approach made me feel comfortable being vulnerable with her right away. She gave me practical, easy to follow instructions that quickly helped grow a sense of unconditional love for myself that I always lacked. I no longer get my sense of self-worth from how I think others view me. I cannot express how liberating this is!

I walk around much lighter these days. My relationships are much stronger and authentic. I am no longer constantly in my head about something I said or did. I am very grateful to have Alyssa as a coach and highly recommend!
(February 2023)

Anonymous (Montreal) said:

Alyssa's approach is unique and extremely effective in validating my experience.  I always feel safe to express myself without fear of judgement.  Learning ways to allow emotion to move through me and to let it out has been one of the most valuable tools I have ever learned.  As someone who has often tried to think my way out of stress and anxiety, I am learning how to invite other methods of addressing these flight or flight responses.  I am extremely grateful for the work Alyssa is doing and would recommend her as a coach!
(February 2023)

M.R. (Toronto) said:

I came to Alyssa almost a year ago, with social anxiety. Alyssa not only provided a safe space to share my insecurities and vulnerabilities, but she also made me realize that I could create that safe place within myself. Notably, she helped me identify and accept my emotions as they arise while paying attention to the underlying thought patterns and challenging negative self-talk. Thanks to her empathetic approach, I learned to grow in empathy for myself and to prioritize my feelings. As a result, I feel much more confident in being with my thoughts and feelings and experiencing the authenticity that comes from adopting such an approach. I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone considering therapy.

(February, 2023)

Leandra L. (Montreal) said:

I have been consulting with Alyssa for a year and half and have undoubtedly seen a lot of growth in myself which has been very gratifying, but she has also helped me open the door to self love and acceptance, something I have struggled with since I was very young. 


She has helped me navigate my journey into healing my inner child and has made me understand that many of my needs were not met, impacting me as an adult. She has given me different kinds of tools and exercises in order to help control, regulate and accept my emotions.


My personal relationships have also benefitted from my growth. 


As someone who finds it hard expressing or sharing what I’m feeling, I always feel like I am in a safe space with Alyssa. I feel heard and always better after a session. I feel lucky and grateful to have her as my therapist and coach. It has been one of the best decisions I made. I highly recommend her. 

(August, 2021)

Daniel B. (Montreal) said: 

Alyssa created a safe space where I felt comfortable being vulnerable. She showed me how to connect with my emotions and ultimately how to take care of them. I feel much less alone than when we started, she’s taught me the true meaning of self care and self love.

(July, 2021)

Anthony L. (age 35, Montreal) said:

Working with Alyssa has changed my life. I felt I had a safe space to get the weight off my shoulders and Alyssa helped me dig deep and find the source of my emotions and outbursts. She also helped me find strategies that continue to help me manage my everyday stress. I'm forever grateful I decided to embark on this journey. Thank you. 

(August, 2021)

Genevieve D. (age 30, Montreal) said:

Alyssa welcomed me into an environment where I finally felt comfortable with my own thoughts and feelings, leading to a lot of exploration that was long overdue. I have always felt understood, never judged and I always look forward to our sessions. I have already gained a much better understanding of myself, my patterns and the sessions have greatly helped reduce my anxiety on a larger scale. I highly recommend her services.

(July, 2021)